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Dragon Gates

[photo: jaqian/Flickr]

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this is what happens when developers don't clean up their testing data before going live ;-)

via Pinnwand-Fotos
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Snow Drawing at Rabbit Ears Pass by Sonja Hinrichsen

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Hedonisten, Performer, Skeptiker: Das renommierte Sinus-Institut hat die digitale Gesellschaft erstmals in soziale Milieus eingeteilt. Es geht um Außenseiter, Immigranten und Eingeborene.

Die Studie zum download:
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Motion Induced Blindness
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"These are made by Hitachi. They measure only.15X.15 mm each and have GPS capabilities! Sometimes called 'smartdust' as they can be sprayed on us and absorbed or taken in foods,drinks and even injected."
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Geneva, Switzerland - junction of two rivers:
River of Blue Curacao and Baileys
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kontrolle ist gut, schwarzfahren ist besser.

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Learn to read korean in 15 minutes
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